An Unholy Mess of a Girl

F, 27. A repository of all that inspires me, as well as a personal diary for me to vent and rant about my diagnosed mental illness. I am an open book when it comes to my disorder, my sexuality, and my thoughts so don't add me if you are a prude or don't like sex or don't want to read about mental illness. I struggle getting through life, but am always striving to get better.

I do post very much of things I like, such as and in no particular order: books, collecting books, sex, erotica, art, design, Surrealism, Dadaism, intelligence, anti-religion, post-punk, shoe-gaze/dream pop, music in general, the brain, psychology, philosophy, creating things, slipstream, the strange and unusual, literature, style, fashion, minimalism, etc.

I am so sick of being sick of who I am.

—    William Chapman (via boyirl)

(via potea)


I have some new photos up at Blissed Out Life! Please kindly follow me at these places if you’d like to see more photos and blog posts. I am going to do a giveaway soon of a reallllllly cool huuuuuuge paper/craft/diy magazine by Flow filled with stickers, a garland, pop-outs, labels, stickers, envelopes, fortune tellers, wall art prints, craft paper, note sheets, gift wrap and more! It’s seriously the coolest thing ever.